/Petina Gappah’s New Novel – Fictional Story of David Livingstone 

Petina Gappah’s New Novel – Fictional Story of David Livingstone 

Have You Read – Out Of Darkness, Shining Light?

Petina Gappah

Yet she couldn’t shake her interest in his legacy. “Livingstone is the only missionary who still has monuments to his name in almost every African country he traversed,” she said. “That says something extraordinary, I think, about his character.”

“Out of Darkness, Shining Light,” out in September from Scribner, is Petina Gappah’s fourth book.  CreditSonny Figueroa/The New York TimesInspired by William Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying,”

Story of David Livingstone

Gappah initially wrote her novel through the shifting perspectives of 15 characters, but she later pared it down to two: Halima, a cook who isn’t afraid to speak her mind (“I do not know what I have ever done that I should be surrounded by ugly men,” she says at one point), and Jacob Wainwright, a former slave who received a formal education and became a translator.

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Source: With Her Latest Novel, Petina Gappah Sees an Obsession Through – The Zimbabwe Mail

Story of David Livingstone