5 Days Left to Give a Tip About Waterfalls of the World!

By | July 25, 2019

Tell us about brilliant cascades anywhere, but bear in mind that we’ll only be publishing one entry for each waterfall, so if you tip the most famous (such as Victoria Falls or Niagara), you’re less likely to make the shortlist.

And size isn’t all that matters; brilliant walks, views and landscapes are just as important.

The experience is the thing.Please include details of how you reached the waterfall – whether it was a walk, a boat trip or a drive – and any information that would improve the experiences of other visitors.

Any useful websites and, where relevant, places to stay should also be included.We would love to hear about your discoveries.

Send tips from all parts of the world by filling in the form below, with as much detail as you can in around 100 words.

We are sorry, but for legal reasons you must be a UK resident to enter this competition.

Source: Send us a tip on great waterfalls the world over and win a £200 hotel voucher | Travel | The Guardian

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