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Victoria Falls Town Directory App – Coming Soon!

Living in a game park and along-side a world natural wonder, makes Victoria Falls Town a unique place be… As the town grows… changes are happening daily. Want to discover the town and help people find you? An App coming soon! Sign Up Here…

Want To Know The Weather In The Victoria Falls Today?

What’s the weather today at Victoria Falls? Check out this website tool that has the forecast in different formats.     If you would like to know the weather in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe – this is the place to check out! Featuring all things Victoria Falls in a fun creative way. Source: Weather in Victoria… Read More »

Relaxing Video Of Nature To Music – 2019 Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

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Petina Gappah’s New Novel – Fictional Story of David Livingstone 

Yet she couldn’t shake her interest in his legacy. “Livingstone is the only missionary who still has monuments to his name in almost every African country he traversed,” she said. “That says something extraordinary, I think, about his character.” “Out of Darkness, Shining Light,” out in September from Scribner, is Petina Gappah’s fourth book.CreditSonny Figueroa/The… Read More »

Historical Novel On Missionary David Livingstone – Why Did He Come To Africa?

The ambassador added that the historical novel depicts an investigative piece that unmasked various adventures undertaken by Livingstone in various countries such as Zambezi River in Zimbabwe that was renamed Victoria Falls after his alleged discovery. Source: Mukhisa Kituyi, author Marx Kahende debunk myth missionary David Livingstone brought civilization to Africa ▷ Kenya News |… Read More »

Susan Dalgety Retraces The Footsteps Of David Livingstone

  Susan Dalgety has some spectacular close encounters of the natural and animal world as she takes a trip in the footsteps of David Livingstone along the Shire River. Stepping gingerly into the small, wooden motor-boat, I caught sight of a crocodile lying silently in wait across the wide expanse of water. Or was it… Read More »

Vic Falls to Bulawayo NRZ Train Prices Increase 

The national railways of Zimbabwe hiked train fares for the Bulawayo Vic Falls route. See the picture below. NRZ reintroduced the Byo Vic Falls Train last year. Source: PICTURE: NRZ Hike Train Fares For Bulawayo – Vic Falls Route ⋆ Pindula News